The Shahzeb Stud is a newly stud established in the year 2006. The founder of the stud, CH. Mian Khan, always had a passion and love for horses as young, and his big interest in horses grew quickly into his youngest son, Faisal Khan who threw his love on his father's hobby the first time they stood on the racing track in Denmark in 1996. Not many years later while in Denmark, Faisal Khan took his hobby to a step further when he bought the stallions Santiago Mantias who was imported from Chile to Sweden in 2004. Faisal Khan sent Santiago Matias and three broodmares which were bought in Europe to Pakistan to his fathers newly established stud. That was the beginning of Faisal Khans dream of being a serious and respected horse breeder in Pakistan. Our stallions and broodmares are bought from Europe and South America. Shahzeb Stud wouldn't have got here without help from our good friend and agent, Filip Zwicky who has been horse interested since he was a child. Filip has today the leading horse racing site in Denmark and also works for Goffs in Ireland. He has been with us from day one and his support and expertise is the key of Shahzeb Studs success today. Our goal is to be the leading stud in Pakistan in 2012.